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P4G call for partnership applications 2024

P4G is now accepting applications for the 2024 round of partnerships dedicated to advancing climate mitigation and adaptation solutions regarding food, energy, and water.

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P4G has a year-round open application process with specific evaluation and decision periods twice per year. Candidates must apply by 8 March 2024 to be considered.

Apply for a P4G partnership

P4G is now accepting applications for new partnerships focused on developing solutions for climate mitigation and adaptation with a particular focus on food, energy, and water.

The limited flow of climate finance to early-stage businesses is hindered by insufficient investment readiness and high-risk perceptions in low- and middle-income countries.

Larger financial institutions, therefore, frequently refrain from investing or allocating funds in amounts that surpass the requirements of early-stage businesses.

Acknowledging this gap, P4G addresses the issue by offering grant funding and technical assistance to these businesses.

This support aims to enhance early-stage businesses’ investment readiness while facilitating climate transitions in food, water, and energy systems, as well as fostering new collaborations and encouraging solutions.

The national platform for P4G in Denmark

As the national platform, State of Green collaborates with P4G to provide Danish businesses access to relevant partners in emerging markets with shared SDG goals.

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Applying for partnerships
To be considered for evaluation, applicants must meet all ten conditions listed on the P4G application-site.

In addition to meeting these criteria, applicants must provide services or products in one of the following sub-sectors: climate-smart agriculture, food loss, and waste; water resilience, zero-emission mobility, and renewable energy, while offering services that actively contribute to poverty alleviation, gender equity, and economic growth.

Candidates must also include at least one early-stage private sector business and one non-governmental organisation, with project implementation in one of P4G’s ODA-eligible partner countries, which are Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa, and Vietnam.

P4G partnerships will receive an average grant of USD 350,000, allocated for implementation over a period of 18-24 months.

This includes a comprehensive range of services such as due diligence and gap analysis of partnership business models, political engagement to contribute to enabling systems, business matchmaking sessions, knowledge mobilisation, and communication, as well as introductions to intermediary investment facilities providing a financial bridge to scale partnership operations.

Partnership-applicants must submit their proposals in English by 8 March 2024.

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