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District energy

District heating

Energy efficiency


Hot Cool, edition no. 4 “How to get started?”

Hot Cool no. 4 is about HOW TO GET STARTED. You can look forward to some great articles contributing to how to get started with district heating.
22 June 2022

Waste heat knowledge

In this edition, you can read about the “Waste Heat Knowledge and Communications Gap” in the UK and how suddenly the services are turned upside-down. Charlotte Owen considers how the industry should pay the DH company for cooling services… Now, that is a new approach.

Getting started with sustainable district heating

Municipalities in Belgium also have to get started with sustainable district heating – read about some of the concerns and approaches used here.

Let’s compete – but against relevant alternatives!

The column “Let’s compete – but against relevant alternatives!” argues that we need to compare district heating to relevant alternatives, not an obsolete technology nobody wants in the future (read natural gas).

Digitalization of the demand-side

Would you have guessed that 55/30 was enough to heat buildings without deep energy renovation? The editor was surprised! Do not miss the article “Digitalization of the demand-side.” And this time, we feature one of the DBDHs utility members – Din Forsyning, who is installing a 50MW heat pump.

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District energy
District heating
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10 examples of green solutions from Denmark in 2022

3 January 2023
Many Danish companies provide solutions that can help drive the global transition to a sustainable, low-carbon, resource-efficient society. Find inspiration in ten of the most popular green solutions from Danish companies published on our webpage in 2022.




5 Minutes to Everything

2 August 2016
The plans for changing the old port area in Nordhavnen into an attractive neighbourhood with no less than 40,000 residents is on the drawing board and will be completed 30-50 years from now.