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Energy efficiency in buildings

High quality information for building owners

A key measure to achieve Denmark’s climate goals is easy to-understand, high quality information about the energy renovation of buildings to both building owners and craftsmen. For this, the Danish Energy Agency has created several platforms. is a one-point entry to all information from the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) regarding energy renovations and retrofitting buildings. Hosted by the DEA, the free and open web platform provides information about how to renovate buildings and save energy for building owners in both
residential, commercial, and public buildings. The platform contains information about how to change the heating system, how to upgrade insulation, replace  windows, and much more. There are also examples andcases, guides, and calculation tools. Moreover, the platform provides information on energy labelling and is a joint platform for all the agency’s campaigns and initiatives aimed at end users. The purpose is to create synergies between
the various initiatives, making it easy for the users to find cohesive content.

Targeted campaigns

To make energy efficiency information effective, it is necessary to target information and messaging to relevant groups. It is also important to know when building owners are seeking information. This is often in connection with either selling or buying a house, or the decision to start a major
refurbishment of the home. Not all people are driven by the same motivating factors when it comes to reducing energy consumption. Some homeowners are motivated by the possibility of monthly savings, while others may be driven by an enhanced indoor climate and better comfort, or the importance of reducing CO2 emissions and benefitting the environment. The differing motives and needs are kept in mind on the platform, enabling more accurately targeted and thus impactful campaigns.

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Evaluating our impact

An evaluation carried out in 2016 showed that the platform contributes positively to promote energy savings among households and public and private companies in Denmark. It also revealed that the platform is particularly used in the preparatory information-seeking and clarifying phases before the user may take action in the form of energy saving renovations, purchases and behavioural changes. It is also in these phases that the evaluation shows the greatest need and opportunity to make a positive impact.

Information to installers and craftsmen

To realise the expected energy savings when renovating buildings, craftsmen and installers must be well informed and trained. Therefore, the DEA also supports a similar platform ( and The Knowledge Centre for Energy Savings in Buildings that is aimed at craftsmen and installers. Here, the content is more technical and focuses on showing examples and tools. The knowledge centre collects and systematises knowledge about energy savings in buildings and disseminates it to the construction industry. The overall goal is to help realise greater energy savings in the existing building stock.

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Energy efficiency in buildings