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Hexa Cover secures major orders, 82.000 m2 coverage for Chile and Middle East

1 October 2020

Hexa-Cover wins significant orders

In fierce competition with several foreign competitors, we have secured 2 more significant orders. Thus, we will supply a total of 62,000 m2 of Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover to a customer in Chile as well as an additional 20,000 m2 to a Middle Eastern customer.

We are chosen due to our know-how with the production of floating covers from recycled plastic and naturally also due to the fact we have been present in the market since 2004 and as we only deliver high quality solutions.

Our continued growth is based on our insistence on delivering quality. We do not believe the way forward is only to compete on price - yes it´s important but it is certainly not all.

On that note, it is remarkable that these two projects include a total of 550 tonnes of recycled plastic - 550 tonnes of plastic waste that in the coming approx. 25 years is used to greatly reduce evaporation (which naturally is a loss) of water as well as a greatly reduced need to purify the water. In all modesty, we simply have a great business case - to the benefit of our clients, the environment as well as ourselves”.

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