Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover is used on almost all forms of basins, lagoons, reservoirs, containers, ponds and tanks.

Since its launch in 2004, Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover has been chosen for a vast number of installations around the world making it the market leading solution.

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover is the ideal solution for eliminating such things as:

  • Emission
  • Evaporation
  • Organic growth
  • Odor
  • UV effect
  • Heat loss

Further, Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover deters unwanted waterfowls from landing on covered waters

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover ensures up 99% coverage of the surface – up to 95% reduction of evaporation from water surface – up to 95% stable, constant reduction of emission – pp to 90% stable and constant reduction of odors – noticeable reduction in organic growth (algae, weeds etc.) and a noticeable reduction in heat loss.

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover;

  • Is the solid, robust and long lasting choice
  • Has no weak spots, no blow – / injection holes
  • Has no hollow areas that eventually will break (due to i.e. frost)
  • Is approved and preferred by authorities and public companies, organizations and bodies
  • Qualifies for EQIP funding in the US
  • Manufactured from (recycled) PP

For technical specifications, please refer to out website.

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