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Energy efficiency in buildings

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Frederikshavn Municipality exceeds climate goals

Energy City Frederikshavn has exceeded the goal by reducing the emissions fivefold in one year. The result is a clear 15,5 percent reduction of the CO2 emissions in the Energy City  in 2015. That is five times the annual goal of 3%, which was set in 2007, when Energy City Frederikshavn became Denmarks first Climate Municipality by committing to national CO2-reduction goals.

Biogas vans, insulation and ventilation are some of the improvements made by Frederikshavn Municipality the past year. 

"Energy is a prioritized growth track in Frederikshavn Municipality. Therefore, it is important that our climate initiatives show that we as a business take the lead in regard to energy savings and energy renovation and also set an example of how to rethink the transport sector," says Bo Niebuhr, Head of Department, Ejendomscenteret, Frederikshavn Municipality

The goal of Energy City Frederikshavn is to become 100% supplied by renewable energy in 2030. To reach that goal, the municipality has focused on the energy optimization of local properties and enhancing the fuel economy in transportation. Apart from this, Energy City Frederikshavn builds energy efficient buildings and advice the citizens of the municipality about energy renovation in private homes. 

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