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DKK 84 Billion in Danish Export of Energy Technology in 2016

Danish companies exported energy technology and services for DKK 83.8 billion in 2016. The export in energy technology makes up 11.8 percent of the total export of Danish commodities. Denmark therefore keeps its position as European frontrunner in export of energy technology as it has the biggest share, out of its total export, in export of energy technologies and services in Europe. The export in energy technology covers both export of green energy technology and other energy technology.

Since 2010, the Danish export of green energy technology has increased significantly with 44.1 percent. EU-countries have experienced the same positive development, yet the growth has not been as big as in Denmark with an 17.9 percent increase in energy technology and a 8.3 percent increase in green energy technology since 2010. The Danish export of green energy technology was at its highest in 2014. In the new report, the figure has dropped with an addtional 2.3 percent decrease since 2015.

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The biggest export market for Denmark is still the European neighouring markets. In 2016, the Netherlands and Great Britain had greater influence than the year before. Especially when it comes to green energy technology, there has been an increase in both countries of respectively DKK 4.2 billion and 2.6 billion since 2015. However, Germany remains Denmark’s biggest export.

The United States and Sweden purchased a smaller share of energy technology and services compared with the year before. Danish companies purchased a large amount of wind turbines to the American market. However, as the wind turbines are increasingly produced locally, these numbers are not included in the statistics.

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- The brand new export figures highlight energy as a continued position of strength within the Danish industry with small fluctuations in the markets. This position of strengthen must not be taken for granted. The energy industry has to keep its finger on the pulse and deliver new solutions while policies in energy, trade and research keep up, says Anders Stouge, CEO at the Danish Energy Association

Facts about the new report

  • Export of energy technology covers both export of green energy technology and other energy technology.
  • Export of energy services cover both energy consultancy and services delivered by commodity-producing companies e.g. service agreements with a wind farm or other types of services and maintenance agreements.
  • Changes in method and calculations of energy services in the statement means that the figures from 2016 cannot be directly compared with the figures from last year’s statistics. The adjusted figures for 2015 appears in table 1 in the report.
  • Export of green energy technology in 2016 amounted to 6.7 percent of the total export of Danish commodities, while remaining energy technology amounted to 5.1 percent.
  • The largest purchasers of Danish energy technology remain the European local markets where Germany alone amounts to 24.2 percent of Denmark’s total export in energy technology and services.

- Click here to read the full report (in Danish)

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