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Displaying Danish strongholds at the World Hydrogen Summit

Highlighting solutions and technologies within green hydrogen and Power-to-X, State of Green and partners represented a united Danish front at this year's World Hydrogen Summit 2023 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Green hydrogen is Danish hydrogen

Discover the whitepaper: Green hydrogen is Danish hydrogen

Download the whitepaper and get an overview of the Danish hydrogen sector, upcoming projects and Danish capabilities.

Discover the whitepaper

As the world grapples with the urgent need to transition to a low-carbon future, Denmark leads the way in green hydrogen and Power-to-X technologies, essential for achieving global decarbonization. Green fuels like hydrogen and ammonia, produced through electrolysis using renewable electricity, are critical components of the future energy system. And with Denmark’s strong focus on renewable energy, particularly wind resources, the way has been paved for a cost-effective and widespread adoption of green hydrogen.

Danish Hydrogen is Green Hydrogen

Together with the Confederation of Danish Industries and The Royal Danish Embassy in Holland, State of Green was present at this year’s World Hydrogen Summit 2023 in Rotterdam, showcasing Danish achievements, advancements, and the transformative potential of green hydrogen and Power-to-X globally.

As part of the Danish pavilion, 13 participating Danish companies and organisations represent various solutions within green hydrogen and Power-to-X. A united Danish front was presented, promoting and showcasing Denmark’s hydrogen stronghold to the global audience.

 “In Rambøll, we are happy to see the development over the last 12 months. The hydrogen and power-to-x projects we are assisting have moved from ideas on a paper to projects under construction and even in operation. The WHS23 is a great opportunity for us to meet with new and existing partners. Being part of the Danish pavillon brings clearly synergies and being a global company headquartered from Copenhagen this is a natural choise for us.” Eva Ravn, Chief Advisor for Hydrogen and Power-to-X at Rambøll

“Last year, we were here to explore the possibilities within the market. Since then a lot has happened. This year, we are here to tell about our growth, and the projects we are involved in – and naturally catching up with partners. Denmark is a small country where green innovators are used to creating synergies together. We see strength in coming together to promote our solutions across the value chain.” Lars Guillaume Gammelgaard, Director for Green Energy Solutions, BWSC

“Being part of the Danish stand is an opportunity for us to meet customers in a well-organised manner without having to invest in our own exhibition stand. The combination of the companies present here creates synergies for visitors that then have access to a one-stop-shop of Danish competences and solutions.” Theo Thoen, Sales Director for Heat Exchange, Danfoss

“For us it’s a plug and play solution, which requires few resources from our side. It’s nice to see that the pavilion and exhibition is twice as large as it was last year. The focus for us is on partnerships and visibility, and Denmark is a brand that we would like to be associated with.” Joël Meggelaars, Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs for Benelux, Ørsted

Discover Denmark’s green hydrogen solutions

With the world watching at the World Hydrogen Summit 2023, Denmark’s innovative solutions and technologies were on display, aiming to inspire and share knowledge in order to harness the vast potential of green hydrogen and Power-to-X on a global scale.

Featured as part of the Danish Pavillion, State of Green presented its digital GreenTogetherExperience platform; a digital map highlighting over 42 projects by Danish Solution Providers in the green hydrogen and Power-to-X sectors, representing a total of 19 GW of green hydrogen production.

Discover the Danish solutions above or go to to discover the full Green Together Experience.

Discover Green Together Experience

The Danish Pavilion at World Hydrogen Summit 2023

Showcasing Denmark’s hydrogen solutions as part of the Danish pavilion at World Hydrogen Summit 2023 included Ørsted, Ramboll, Cowi, Danfoss, BWSC, Everfuel, Brinckmann, Niras, Dynelectro, DIS – CREADIS Engineering Solutions & Consulting, Naalakkersuisut Grønlands Selvstyre, and NunaGreen.

The Danish Pavilion was organised by DI – Conferedation of Danish Industries, Embassy of Denmark in the Netherlands and State of Green.

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