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Resource efficient production

Denmark Makes Energy Efficiency a Competitive Advantage

Increasingly, energy efficiency is becoming an obvious way to reduce production costs. In Denmark, energy expenditure amounted to 7.9% of the total production value in 2014. In contrast, energy expenditure amounted to 13.4 % of the total production value in foreign companies. This was found in a new study conducted by the Danish consulting firm Damvad Analytics for the Danish Energy Agency.

The results highlight Denmark’s competitive advantage within the development and use of green energy technologies. Furthermore, the relatively low energy costs in Denmark makes the Danish business environment more robust against fluctuations in energy prices compared to abroad.

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Great green business potential
The analysis conducted by Damvad Analytics also shows, that Denmark excels in green transition, specifically within the area of wind energy, district heating, bio energy, and bio fuels as well as water and energy efficiency.

“Denmark is one of Europe’s most energy efficient economies, reflecting a decade-long history of cooperation between the public and private sector in terms of development of technologies, solutions, know-how and policies within energy efficiency. Additionally, energy efficiency is seen as a win-win situation in Denmark. Improving energy efficiency will save financial resources, help protect the environment, spur economic growth through foreign Investments, create new jobs, and at the same time improve security of supply,” says Peder Bo Sørensen, Cleantech Team Leader at Invest in Denmark.

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