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Job creation and transition



Danish wind energy giants join forces to double Denmark’s offshore wind capacity

Two of the biggest players in the wind energy sector, Ørsted and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), have agreed on a partnership to develop approximately 5.2 GWh of offshore wind energy through four open-door projects across Denmark. The projects are set to double Denmark’s current offshore wind capacity.

On 25 October, Ørsted and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) entered into a partnership to develop approx. 5.2 gigawatts of offshore wind in Denmark across four projects. Under the ‘open door scheme’, the four projects will be called “Vikinge Banke” (1.1 GW), “Jyske Banke Nord” (1.1 GW), “Bornholm Basin Syd” (1.5 GW), and “Bornholm Basin Øst” (1.5 GW). The ”Vikinge Banke” and “Jyske Banke” will be located in the North Sea, while the two latter will be placed east of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.

The projects are subject to merger clearance, which is expected by end of 2022.

Wind Energy in Denmark

Wind energy plays a key role in reaching Denmark’s target of 70 % greenhouse gas emission reductions by 2030. And with some of the best wind conditions in the world, it is easy to understand how Denmark has become a global hub for wind power technology.

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Combining skills and knowledge to boost the green transition

More energy is urgently needed globally to ensure regional energy independence and fight the climate crisis.

With Denmark already being a global frontrunner in green energy production, the project represents a key contribution to the green transformation of Denmark and Europe, with the envision of delivering large-scale renewable electricity and creating a Danish stronghold within Power-to-X.

Furthermore, the project is being planned without the support of Danish taxpayers and will contribute significantly to growth and job creation in Denmark:

“Denmark has been a pioneer in offshore wind and is a front-runner in the green transformation. The four major open-door projects can help consolidate Denmark’s continued leadership position and create the foundation to kick-start the next phase of a Danish business adventure around the production of renewable hydrogen and green fuels. I’m very excited about the partnership with CIP where we combine our unique skills and knowledge to develop a substantial part of Denmark’s offshore wind resources,” says Rasmus Errboe, Head of Region Continental Europe at Ørsted.

With the help of government tenders, Ørsted and CIP believe that the project can contribute to further pace, value creation and innovation of Denmark’s green transition, including key dimensions such as empowering Power-to-X, creating green energy, and securing a sustainable build-out.

“It’s an obvious and good idea for the most experienced Danish offshore wind developers to join forces to ensure that Denmark’s largest build-out of offshore wind takes place as efficiently as possible and with due respect for the environment and biodiversity in Danish waters. We’re proud to present our proposal together with Ørsted for how we can ensure green energy for Denmark, which has never been more necessary, than during these times. If we succeed in completing the projects, we’ll also ensure the renewable electricity needed to give the Danish Power-to-X industry a much-needed boost, and we’re pleased with the support from the Danish pension funds and their members, who prioritise and invest in the green transition,” says Torsten Smed, Senior Partner at Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners.

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