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Climate adaptation, nature and outdoor activities go hand in hand in the newly renovated Remise Park on Amager

16 November 2020

The Remise park has long been an overlooked urban space with untapped potential, but now it has been transformed into an urban park with a fine balance between activity and relaxation. As part of the development of the Urban Plan and part of Copenhagen's cloudburst plan, Rambøll, in collaboration with the landscape architect firm BOGL, has implemented a solution that will promote both the use of the park among the locals and the cloudburst-proof area. The park has been developed on behalf of the City of Copenhagen, who has also financed the project.

“From a political point of view, we have chosen to invest many millions in the Remise park, because it will help with giving the local area a boost. The investment is close to the public housing associations' massive investments in the Urban Plan's public housing, which have been renovated and made up-to-date. Overall, we got together, made the area attractive, and created a district that attracts people from the outside. The Remise Park in its new form appeals to a broad user group, which is mixed across the board, and I am very proud of the result,” says Mayor of Technology and the Environment, Ninna Hedeager Olsen (EL).

The park is therefore primarily intended as a recreational area with different activity zones that will be able to accommodate children and adults of all ages. Among the new activities are e.g. a skate park, ball fields, fitness and mini golf.

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Due to the elongated shape of the park, it has been important that the passage through the park is not experienced as a straight corridor, but instead as a varied experience with different activities. Every activity placement has been careful thought through and has been given a location and layout of each zone, so that some can easily skate, while others sit on the other side and enjoy the tranquillity and nature. A path that goes from one end to the other and which lends itself to using the park for stays as well as passage binds the whole park together.

Green and cohesive solutions

Ramboll has been a technical consultant with responsibility for engineering solutions, climate adaptation and lighting. In addition to exciting areas of activity to attract citizens, there has been a special focus on the climate adaptation aspect, both with a view to increased biodiversity and cloudburst protection. Numerous new shrubs, trees and flowers have been planted and cloudburst management has taken place in the form of a basin and a long wadi with a capacity of 2,000 m3.

The wadi runs along the park and ends in the new Alder Grove (Elleskov), which functions as a delay basin and appears as a nature area. The plant collects excess water during cloudbursts and secures the area against water damage. At the same time, the facility promotes biodiversity and enhances the nature experience. The wadi is laid out with a path of steel boards that rises one meter above the grounds and allows visitors to follow the path of the water.

“The very special thing about this project is the connection we have managed to create. The park has many and varied facilities that actually lie back to back and could potentially disrupt each other. Still, the experience it as natural and there is room for finding peace with each activity separately, from the quiet nature experience to the new skate bowl. You will experience different rooms for different uses, which has been the very basic for the project,” says Ulrik Lassen, project manager, at Rambøll and adds:

"In Rambøll, we have gradually made many similar projects and are to that extent very good at weaving cloudburst solutions into all the city's spaces and making a holistic approach around them."

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