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Working towards goal of zero waste to landfill by 2040 at Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

20. November 2023

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Mil-tek takes an active part in the task of accelerating more recycling. We are a leading supplier of sustainable waste handling equipment, dedicated to optimizing the way businesses manage their waste. We specialize in compactors and balers that minimize all kinds of waste volumes and promote recycling. With our solutions, businesses are empowered to achieve sustainability goals while optimizing operational efficiency.

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Great Barrier Island, located 90 kilometers northeast of Auckland, New Zealand, is a pristine enclave known for its rugged beauty and diverse ecosystems. The island is the largest and most seaward of the Hauraki Gulf islands in Auckland region, with an area of about 285 square kilometers. The population is around 1004, the majority of whom live off grid.

More than 1000 people visit Great Barrier each day during the summer months, a number in excess of the permanent population on the island. A few years back, this was putting a strain on the island’s infrastructure and if waste volumes were not significantly reduced, the island’s only landfill, Claris Landfill, was expected to might reach capacity before 2027.


The solution to this challenge consisted of different parametres, and Mil-tek New Zealand was involved in the project.

Recyclable waste compacted with a Mil-tek baler
Huge amounts of waste needed to avoid being send to the overflowing landfill, and instead transported to the mainland for recycling. In order to optimize this process, a Mil-tek baler was installed at the island, powered by generators. The machine baled all waste materials that needed to be transported back to the mainland for recycling – with up to 90% volume reduction – thus making the transport more manageable, cheaper and environmentally friendly.

Anamata Resource Recovery established
Anamata Resource Recovery was established – a facility responsible for all the recycling on the island. People can drop off unwanted items and materials, and then Anamata either reuse and recycle it into new products or ships it to recycling and repurposing facilities on the mainland.

Zero waste to landfill by 2040
New recycling goals were set up, among those a goal of zero waste to landfill at Great Barrier Island by 2040.

The H501 Mil-tek baler working at Great Barrier Island


Today, all rubbish disposed of on Great Barrier Island is now transported to Auckland mainland for processing. They have acquired a Mil-tek H600 heavy duty baler as well to support the ongoing initiatives to reduce and recycle waste.

Once in a while, Mil-tek engineers have been on the island to check up or service the balers or the generators, but the waste management runs smoothly, making sure that Great Barrier Island works constantly towards their goal of zero waste to landfill by 2040.

Baled waste produced by Mil-tek balers

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