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Redesigning Vendersgade, Copenhagen

6. November 2023

Solution provider

Gottlieb Paludan Architects

Great architecture evokes great passion. For us, this is the kind of architecture that contributes to solving the challenges we face today. The kind that creates sustainable development, vibrant and diverse cities, beautiful and future-proof structures as well as inviting urban spaces and landscapes for all to enjoy. Working out of our office in Copenhagen, we strive to create architecture that understands, connects and enriches the whole world. Together we create cohesion.

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Gottlieb Paludan Architects has rejuvenated Vendersgade by focusing on better conditions for cyclists and establishing water-sensitive urban design measures to manage rainwater.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects is responsible for the architectural redesign of Vendersgade and for managing all above-ground works. The aim of the project is to create attractive, green, climate-adapted urban design by reworking the street spatial proportions to provide more room for the numerous cyclists, shoppers and motorists using Vendersgade, the Torvehallerne Marketplace and Israels Plads every day.


Vendersgade was designated a “Green Route” by the City of Copenhagen, i.e. a greened street capable of handling rainwater. Combined with an objective to create better conditions for vulnerable road users, road geometrics are designed to drain rainwater away from the road and create security for cyclists and pedestrians.


The side streets of Linnésgade and Rømersgade are also included in the project. Parking spaces are eliminated to create areas for relaxing, bicycle parking and more urban trees to strengthen interconnectivity of Ørsted Park with the Botanical Gardens. This highlights both the city’s green connections and the site’s unique history as part of the fortifications that once encircled Copenhagen.