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Water management

UV systems utilized in research and development for a shrimp and prawn farm in Vietnam

6. October 2023

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ULTRAAQUA UV Disinfection Systems

ULTRAAQUA is an international manufacturer of advanced UV water disinfection systems for a wide range of water treatment applications.

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The overarching objective was to enhance production yields, which necessitated effective management of the biosecurity risk.

UV technology, with its myriad advantages, emerged as the ideal solution for comprehensive disease control. Implementing UV systems would not only improve the overall health conditions of the shrimp but also mitigate the risk of bacterial outbreaks.


The introduction of non-corrosive UV systems had a transformative effect on the facility’s biosecurity. Continuous data monitoring and water analysis confirmed the UV systems’ efficiency in regulating microorganism levels in the water.


The project has demonstrated revolutionary results, setting a new benchmark for sustainable prawn farming in the future.

By leveraging state-of-the-art UV system technology in tandem with comprehensive research and industry specialists, the initiative has showcased the potential of innovation in reshaping the aquaculture industry.

These advanced rearing technologies led to a shrimp survival rate exceeding 85%, and the feed conversion ratio was optimized to 1:3.

This not only boosted the profitability of the rearing systems but also resulted in significant water conservation and effective control of vibrio numbers, paving the way for long-term sustainability. This remarkable project epitomizes the power of innovation achieved through the amalgamation of cutting-edge technology, rigorous research, and industry expertise.