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Urban infrastructure planning

Urbanizing sub-urban Cambridge

20. November 2015

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We are a multi-skilled urban design studio shaping public space around the world. We specialise in urban design projects that strengthen communities with the aim of facilitating a new blueprint for urban life.

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Cambridge is a city undergoing fast growth with a strong educational sector and new industries and employers providing the basis for significant growth of the housing stock.


In the northwest of the city, a large new masterplan by AECOM has set the basis for the creation of a new urban center with leisure and retail infrastructure, new teaching and research space, and new homes.

Schulze+Grassov has delivered a development framework for 250no. “UK Code 5 for Sustainable Homes”-compliant homes. This development framework included the urban structure plan laying the foundation for several leading innovative UK architects to develop a range of residential homes.

Furthermore, the sketch design for open spaces including streets, squares, and green infrastructure, was also delivered by Schulze+Grassov.


A network of streets of three distinct types holds a classic block structure that creates inviting green courtyards. Services provided include: Abundant green, bicycle parking and tracks, opportunities for small-scale urban agriculture and generous shared facilities where the community will meet and connect over time.