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Carbon capture, storage and utilisation

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The world’s first carbon capture shipping entity

7. June 2023

Solution provider

Danish Industry (DI)

The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) is the voice of corporate Denmark. On behalf of 19,000 member companies, we work to ensure synergy between society’s goals concerning business competitiveness, a clean environment and energy security. Jointly, these goals create the foundation for green growth.

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Dan-Unity CO₂ has been established by the two Danish shipping companies, Evergas and Ultragas, and will be the world’s first carbon capture shipping entity. Standing on the shoulders of the two companies’ rich histories, Dan-Unity CO₂ will tackle the challenges of today to create a better tomorrow.


Evergas and Ultragas are among the world’s leading seaborne transporters of gases and liquids. Their focus is to make gas transport simple and safe, and to set new standards for efficient and sustainable gas transport at sea. Dan-Unity CO₂ will carry the CO₂ under the most energy-efficient transportation, which is a mixture of a pressure of 6.5 bar and minus 48 C.


Dan-Unity CO₂ is a partner in the Greensand project and has recently, in cooperation with Carbfix, been awarded EUR 115 million from the European Innovation Fund to build the Coda terminal in Iceland. Here, Dan-Unity CO₂ will design, construct and operate CO₂ carriers. Starting in 2026 it will move up to 3 Mtpa for permanent mineralisation in the underground.