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Energy efficiency in buildings

The world’s second-largest building is packed full of Danfoss Technology

23. January 2015

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The global climate crisis caused by carbon emissions is a key threat to society and our planet. Danfoss’ energy-efficient and climate-friendly solutions enable a cost-effective green transition.

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Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in China and the second-largest in the world. It will complies with the strictest environmental requirements – and Danfoss technology help achieve that.

As a result of growing Chinese urbanization, special demands are being placed on construction projects to reduce energy consumption and pollution. That is why Danfoss has provided several energy-saving components that contribute to making Shanghai Tower one of the world’s greenest buildings. Shanghai Tower has already earned the American ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ gold certification and the Chinese ‘Three-star green building’ award, which is the highest standard that can be achieved in China.

A total of 6,700 Danfoss control valves in Shanghai Tower will automatically ensure the precise control and balancing of water flow in the one kilometer-long pipe work. It also means that people on the top floor get the temperature they want quickly, regardless of the temperatures preferred on the lower floors. More than 50% of the building’s energy consumption is due to the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system, and 20% of this can be saved by using Danfoss control valves.

For the heating and cooling systems, Danfoss has also delivered 660 variable-speed drives, which will ensure that the pumps, compressors, and fans never run faster than is necessary to deliver the right temperature. This will contribute to additional savings of 20-40% compared to running without this technology.

Energy efficiency in the air-conditioning system will be further boosted by pressure transmitters and filter driers from Danfoss.