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Urban Solutions for Climate Adaptation and Sustainable Communities

17. March 2017

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arki_lab is a young, Copenhagen-based urban design studio that was founded upon the strong ideological principle of getting closer to people through our efforts to create better cities.

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The Soul of Nørrebro is one of the winning proposals for the Nordic Built Cities Challenge under the Nordic Innovation: CLOUDBURST AND CULTURE. The competition offered a two-sided challenge, addressing both climate adaption and social and cultural renewal. The proposal addresses the problems that Copenhagen has experienced in recent years with severe rainstorms; Copenhagen has a strong focus on developing smarter solutions for managing the increasing amounts of water, and Hans Tavsens Park and Korsgade play a crucial role in the city’s plan. The proposed park is designed to collect rainwater and direct it through Hans Tavsensgade and Korsgade into the inner city's Peblinge Lake.

A distinct nordic take on the transition towards a more sustainable society is to ensure that dialogue between citizens, project managers and the municipality is kept at the core of each project, throughout the whole process. The Soul of Nørrebro plan has left blank spaces open in the design, for citizens and other stakeholders to co-create future content and function. Here, arki_lab contributed with designing new learning spaces and schoolyards together with students in the area; an important involvement as there are several educational institutions linked to the area around the park. By decentralizing the design process in this way, the project empowers all involved parties and ensures social sustainability by anchoring itself in the existing daily life in the area. Furhermore, involving citizens increases awareness on sustainability - this is the essence of the nordic model of sustainable development.

The program revolves around three different cycles: the hydrologic, biological and social cycle, that will support each other to create a strong and lively urban space. Here, "FABLAB for city nature" has had an important contribution - a physical laboratory for citizens and institutions to engage in the biological development of the area. It will secure the thriving of the biological cycle, while bringing people together and empowering local involvement.

The project is a collaboration between SLA (team leader), Rambøll, arki_lab, Gadeidræt, Aydin Soei and Saunders Architecture. Visualisations: Beauty and the Bit.