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The Climate Compass –

26. February 2009

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Danish Industry (DI)

The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) is the voice of corporate Denmark. On behalf of 19,000 member companies, we work to ensure synergy between society’s goals concerning business competitiveness, a clean environment and energy security. Jointly, these goals create the foundation for green growth.

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Develop a strategy to reduce your company's carbon footprint

The Climate Compass is an online guide created to assist Danish companies to develop a strategy for reducing their carbon footprint. The guide is composed by two elements: a guide and a calculator.

  • The guide helps the company through the steps of a climate strategy and advises on how to convey taken initiatives to the public.
  • The carbon emission calculator helps the company to get an idea of their own carbon footprint by providing a function that can calculate the GHG emissions based on the company’s own consumption of various energies, transportation of goods and the employees’ traveling among others.

Developed by the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency.

If you want to learn more about the Climate Compass please contact Confederation of Danish Industry by using the Contact Form.