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Energy efficiency in buildings

Sweden’s first Plus Energy House

18. February 2009

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At ROCKWOOL, we transform volcanic rock into stone wool and our products contribute to address many of society’s biggest climate change challenges, creating new opportunities to enrich modern living and build safer, healthier, and more climate resilient communities.

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The ROCKWOOL Group has lengthy and well-documented experience of building well-insulated low-energy and passive houses in a number of countries in Europe. In 2010 the first Plus Energy House Villa Åkarp was completed and it has already proved its worth. The house generates more than one-and-a-half times as much electricity as it uses. Villa Åkarp is situated in the South of Sweden, close to Copenhagen.

Building year



150 m2

Energy consumption

The heating system in Villa Åkarp consists of a combination of solar panels, a storage tank and normal radiators. The 10 m2 solar panels on the roof will heat the house and provide hot water. 32 m2 of separate solar cells will produce electricity all year round. In the summer excess electricity amounting to 4,000 kWh will be sold to an electricity company. During the winter, 2,600 kWh will be bought back.


One type of insulation being used in Villa Åkarp is a three-layered external wall system of 540mm façade and stone wool insulation, called Flex Systemvæg, which prevents thermal bridges around doors and windows. A balanced ventilation system helps to ensure that there is fresh air in the house and, together with the insulation, creates a good indoor climate, low heat consumption and stable temperatures throughout the building