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Green buildings


Stavnsholt co-housing

27. February 2024

Solution provider


URBAN POWER ApS is an architect and urbanist office who advises municipalities, regions, companies and private developers in making decisions within the fields of urban planning, buildings and urban spaces with a solid focus on sustainablílity and co-creation.


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This project began as an idea and dream for the residents themselves to develop their future houses in a shared co-housing community.

URBAN POWER has been an active participant in this since 2017, working on realising the dream for non-professional developers via a long and thorough process of dialogues, hearings and participation which has been made into concrete decisions for shapes, building materials and content.

Shared facilities and outdoor spaces have been of key importance for the community of Stavnsholthave, as well as securing a low carbon footprint with wood as a comprehensive building material.

We have worked actively on not making economic compromises by choosing between sustainable or aesthetic but sought to integrate these in the architecture.



Sustainable choices and features have been a major wish by the developers and future residents from the beginning. This has resulted in a final calculated LCA of 8,7 CO2 equivalent/m2/year, which has been possible by using wooden prefab wall- and deck elements.

The low-density houses have also been given DGNB-silver certification after completion.

The facade cladding is made with heat-treated wood which changes appearance and colour over time, and combined in turned patterns for facade variations.

A large common green space is placed between the houses, created as the residents’ shared backyard with mixed meadows, fruit trees and utility gardens to improve biodiversity in the area. Rainwater collecting is also an integral part of the landscape.


The co-housing stands as an attractive and alternative result which shows that it is possible to build environmentally and economically friendly houses as private developers without professional developers or capital.

Furthermore, it is regulated in the co-housing that a diverse mix of residents divided into 3 ‘age groups’ all are present in the overall community.

The ongoing participation and adaptation have made sure that the residents experience a large degree of ownership and responsibility for the place. And that they can keep on living there for many years by internally changing homes and adapting the different houses as family life develops.

We hope that Stavnsholthave can inspire more people to join forces and become developers for the future’s social and sustainable homes.