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Stabilizing the Water Supply in China with Advanced Leak Management Techniques

3. August 2015

Solution provider

Leif Koch

The leading experts for reducing non-revenue water in Scandinavia.

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In March 2015, Leif Koch joined the Hjørring Water Company, Krüger-Veolia, Envidan Water, Grundfos, AVK China, and Kamstrup China for a project to reduce water loss and stabilize the water supply in Changchun, China. The Changchun water distribution network supplies 8 million people with water, but has a leakage rate of approximately 30%. In order to stabilize their water supply, Changchun needs to conduct leak detection and localization on earthbound drinking water pipes. Efficient leak detection and repair will reduce non revenue water and save Changchun both money and water resources. Leif Koch has conducted multiple leak detection through the past three years, and has instructed the Chinese companies and how to use the equipment and form a coherent and efficient leakage strategy.  The Chinese Minister of Water and Leif Koch  will meet in December 2018 to discuss further cooperation.