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Scandiagade: Using SUDS to improve everyday life – an urban space that is useable in both rain and dry weather

20. April 2023

Solution provider

1:1 Landskab

1:1 Landskab designs aesthetic and environmentally robust landscapes and urban spaces. We have been aware of the climate agenda for many years.

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On Scandiagade, Copenhagen, 1:1 Landskab transformed a road island of unused grass and beautiful old trees into a local recreational park, that can handle heavy volumes of rainwater and remedy local flooding after cloudburst.

The buildings along Scandiagade experienced flooded basements, overflowing sewers and extremely costly dam-ages as more and more frequent cloudbursts hit the neighborhood. At the same time the neighborhood lacked exciting urban spaces for the residents. A place to social-ize. So, 1:1 Landskab designed a project which solved both challenges at once: the project combines SUDS with an attractive urban space. The necessary cloudburst protection gets added value and contributes to the city’s livea-bility.


The rainwater management system chosen for Scandiagade was eight basins which can hold a total of 1,500 m3 rainwater. They delay the water, ensuring sewers do not overflow – and keep the residents’ basements dry. The road profile was transformed, so the water is led from the road surface to the basins. During cloudbursts the excess water is transported away from the buildings, roofs, and roads to the basins, so the risk of damage is minimised.

Scandiagade transforms when it rains: During rain the basins delay rainwater and Scandiagade transforms into a tranquil blue experience. But on most days during dry weather the basins holds a variety of activities. One basin has an urban garden, another is a beach basin with hammocks, one has a playground and a hilly landscape. Traversing the basins is neon yellow wooden walkway, that allows people to experience the tranquil rain up close

Lush vegetation and biodiversity are central to the design. Beside preserving the beautiful existing trees, we hope 126 plant species will create favorable conditions for insects and butterflies and more balanced urban nature. The plant- and grass species are able to withstand wet conditions during a longer period.


The SUDs-solution with eight basins successfully stores rain during and after cloudbursts and helps keeping sew-ers from overflowing and basements from flooding. At the same time Scandiagade has become a meeting place for locals, and a must-see for visitors from other neighbor-hoods.

The use of the new urban space has increased with 520%