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Revolutionizing the Chilled Water Pumping Scheme at Shiva Textiles, India

18. January 2023

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Shiva Textiles, is a leading textile retail showroom chain in southern part of India. Expanding to new horizons, the brand recently opened its new showroom at Salem, in southern state of Tamil Nadu. They have been known for their wide range of ethnic wear and readymade garments, and wanted to provide an unmatched and cutting-edge outlet experience for their customers. Having an objective to deliver unmatched customer experience and comfort, while keeping the OPEX within limits, Shiva textiles roped in Tropical Consultants, a pioneer with more than 36 years of experience in HVAC industry for their new retail show room.

Tropical Consultant along with end user got into dialogue with various OEMs to select the most energy efficient chilled water pumping scheme for their project


To meet the demand for the best energy efficient chilled water pumping scheme, Grundfos proposed the concept of a Distributed Pumping System, a self-balanced chilled water circulation system which uses intelligent circulator pumps with IE5 motors dedicated to each AHU, replacing the energy consuming flow balancing and modulating valves.

To make a simple yet high-performing plant with  self-balanced demand-driven design packed with an intelligent pumping scheme that also offers live data for further analysis and reporting.


Observing Grundfos Distributed Pumping System performance after its installation, both end user and design consultant were very satisfied with the overall energy performance. The operation team at Shiva Textiles were thrilled to use the Grundfos GO Mobile App to monitor and report system performance on their mobile devices.

Thus the Grundfos Distributed Pumping System not only reduced the pumping energy by 40% but also addresses Delta T and improves occupant comfort compared to other conventional variable primary pumping system designs.