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Waste management

Reducing CO2-consumption with the help of pneumatic waste balers

16. October 2023

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Mil-tek takes an active part in the task of accelerating more recycling. We are a leading supplier of sustainable waste handling equipment, dedicated to optimizing the way businesses manage their waste. We specialize in compactors and balers that minimize all kinds of waste volumes and promote recycling. With our solutions, businesses are empowered to achieve sustainability goals while optimizing operational efficiency.

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Randers Tegl Group is one of Northern Europe’s leading brick manufacturers. Within Randers Tegl Group, sustainabiliy and environment are significant benchmarks which are taken into account right from the offices to the raw production.

The company wanted to reduce its CO2 consumption related to waste management. Originally, the brickworks within the Randers Tegl Group had many small tipping containers around the facilities, which were often full and therefore regularly had to be unloaded by truck into a number of large outdoor containers. First of all, these processes took a huge amount of time from the employees’ more value adding activities. But more importantly, although the employees succeeded in sorting a large part of the waste, they experienced that when waste was collected, it was nevertheless loaded into the same waste truck and taken to incineration. In other words, operating practices were not consistent with the company’s principles-based approach to doing business.


Randers Tegl Group partnered with Mil-tek, and we conducted a thorough review of the facilities to reach the best possible solution for a new waste management system.

Pneumatic balers were installed at a selected number of brickworks, to first and foremost handle the large amounts of cardboard and plastic waste. The balers were installed close to where waste streams occured so that waste could be filled into the balers immediately and not transported around more than neccesary. Furthermore, the machines were connected to the facilities’ existing air outline, which meant that there were no establishment costs.


The results of the new waste management system at Randers Tegl Group’s brickworks were quick and efficient:

  • Employees can now sort and dispose of waste much easier and faster than before, which has greatly increased internal efficiency
  • Waste is compacted up to 90% in cardboard balers and plastic balers, and the bales are stored in containers and collected once in a while – with a reduction of waste collections by 66%
  • The compacted bales are directly ready for recycling
  • The company now delivers on its environmental credentials to a greater extend and has reduced its CO2-consumption which was the goal

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305 Mil-tek Baler

305 Mil-tek Baler

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509 Mil-tek Baler