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Reducing time from leakage to repair

18. July 2016

Solution provider

Leif Koch

The leading experts for reducing non-revenue water in Scandinavia.

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Although it’s not possible to completely prevent leaks on a pipeline system, a proactive leak detection strategy will reduce costs and save both time and water resources.


 Fors, a Danish water utility company, monitors its pipes using Leif Koch’s continuous surveillance strategy by placing noise loggers on pipes in order to detect leaks as soon as they occur.  When the noise loggers detect a possible leak the utility company’s technicians receive an alarm notification through Leif Kochs innovative software, “Almos Leak”. The technicians localize leaks more quickly than before the permanent monitoring system was installed, as the noise detectors provide the new leak’s general location on the pipeline system


As a result of this system’s efficiency, Fors has reduced its non revenue water to below 10% in its monitored areas. Fors also avoids disturbing its customers, which used to occur when leaks had to be found manually because a larger portion of the pipeline needed to be searched.