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Water management

RAS trout facility utilizing UV systems in Canada

6. October 2023

Solution provider

ULTRAAQUA UV Disinfection Systems

ULTRAAQUA is an international manufacturer of advanced UV water disinfection systems for a wide range of water treatment applications.

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The client sought a solution tailored to the specific needs of their new hatchery design, which was part of a broader expansion initiative. The hatchery’s design encompassed 46 fish tanks, a recirculation rate exceeding 98%, a flow recirculation of 450 m3/h, and an annual capacity to produce 1 million fry.

Given these requirements, it became clear that UV systems would be an ideal fit, given their myriad benefits for intricate RAS systems. This includes comprehensive water biosecurity control, water quality management, and a chemical-free operation.


The ambitious expansion necessitated the best available disinfection equipment to meet the hatchery design’s stipulated water disinfection and fish welfare standards. The chosen system was the Open Channel MR28-220PP, equipped with the ULTRAWIPER™ sleeve wiping technology, designed to meet the requirements of at least 100 mJ/cm2 for a flow rate of 450 m3/h.



Following the installation of the Open Channel UV system, the facility experienced a dramatic improvement in mortality rates, which are now almost non-existent. The system plays a crucial role in helping the facility maintain a minimal environmental footprint while providing exceptional breeding conditions for the selected species. With plans for further operational scaling, the facility is poised to integrate more UV systems in the future.

This makes the system pivotal in enabling the facility to minimize its environmental footprint while providing optimal breeding conditions for the chosen species.