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District energy

District heating

Perfecting pipelines across Hamburg

6. November 2023

Solution provider

Kingspan LOGSTOR

LOGSTOR is the world’s leading manufacturer of pre-insulated pipes for energy-efficient transport of liquid media.

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Having served more than half a decade as a two-unit coalfired power plant, the Wedel plant with a gross capacity of 289,7 MW, will gradually reduce its burning of coal by up to 30 percent, for the remainder of its operation. Saving around 150,000 tonnes of coal, its closure contributes to a significant reduction in CO 2 emissions.

However, the decommissioning of the Wedel plant necessitated alternative heat sources to be identified. This entailed an opportunity to increasingly feed climateneutral waste into the district heating network. However, effectively preserving energy on its way through the district heating network poses another challenge.


Climate-neutral waste heat generated by industrial processes, along with the planned wastewater heat pump project in southern Hamburg, presents an opportunity for harnessing significant heat resources.

To fortify supply reliability for future urban expanses, a cost-effective solution entails the establishment of a cutting-edge KMR transport pipeline originating from the south of Hamburg. By tunneling under the Elbe, this southern pipeline will run to Bahrenfeld, where it will be connected to the western branch of the district heating network.


The planned southern pipeline spans a total distance of 7,6 kilometres and is segmented into six distinct construction sections. Within this project, the installation of pre-insulated KMR-systems is planned for five of these sections. Notably, Kingspan LOGSTOR has been chosen as the supplier for material in three construction sections, accounting for a cumulative length of 5 kilometres.

The utilisation of Kingspan LOGSTOR’s pre-insulated KMR in these sections stands to yield large energy-saving benefits, potentially reducing energy loss by a substantial 5,000 megawatt-hours annually.