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13. January 2023

Solution provider


arki_lab is a young, Copenhagen-based urban design studio that was founded upon the strong ideological principle of getting closer to people through our efforts to create better cities.

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Øresundskollegiet houses 1,500 residents, existing as a small village of young people with diverse backgrounds and ambitions. In 2021, Øresund College transitioned to a general college, meaning that the City of Copenhagen can assign socially disadvantaged young people to dormitory housing.


In close collaboration with the residents and especially the resident’s council, arki_lab has made a new master plan for the outdoor area. The plan is used as a basis for fundraising in order to further develop and implement the project. The project has, so far, received funding from the area’s local council, Amager Øst Lokaludvalg, as well as from Hofor for rain water management and from Villum fonden for the roof terrace.


Designed through a collaboration between arki_lab, SLA Architects, and the residents of Øresundskollegiet, a terrace which connects the dormitory blocks has been transformed, creating a natural framework for more social opportunities across the community. A 160-meter-long concrete roof terrace built in the 1970s is being converted into a green ‘Social Spine’ with greenhouse, study spots, outdoor kitchen, a communal garden and lots of greenery. Part of the idea behind the new terrace is to further increase the biodiversity around the dormitory; 350 trees, shrubs, and plants will be planted within the space.

In december 2021 some of the final touches were made on the landscaping. The streetlevel at Øresundskollegiet is undergoing renovation, and trees that needed to be removed were transplanted to the rooftop terrace to be reused in the new landscape. Throughout the process, arki_lab has conducted workshops and analysis in order to gather insights from the community – a guiding feature to the terrace’s transformation. Furthermore, arki_lab has had the role of client advisor to Øresundkollegiet throughout the construction of the roof terrace landscape.