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Maximize indoor climate and reduce heating costs in large high-ceiling facilities

10. August 2023

Solution provider

Nordicco A/S

Our solutions help our customers improve their indoor climate, lower their energy consumption, reduce their CO2 emissions and eliminate the spread of airborne pathogens.

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Commercial or industrial spaces with medium to high ceilings present unique challenges in terms of temperature control and energy efficiency, which can lead to high energy spendings and increased CO2 emissions. The stratification of warm air rising to the ceiling creates temperature variations throughout the space, making it difficult to maintain consistent comfort levels. Without proper management, this can result in excessive energy usage and corresponding high operational costs. Additionally, the increased energy consumption contributes to higher CO2 emissions, negatively impacting the environment. Therefore, addressing these challenges becomes crucial not only to optimize energy efficiency and reduce expenses but also to minimize the carbon footprint associated with these spaces.


AMPLIFY is an exceptional direct-drive fan with six airblades, purposefully crafted for application in commercial or industrial settings featuring medium to high ceilings. This remarkable overhead fan surpasses all others in the industry by providing unparalleled airflow, while maintaining an impressively quiet operation. Not only does AMPLIFY contribute to diminished operational expenses, but it also unquestionably stands as the foremost choice for an overhead fan in the market today, offering unbeatable value.


As a result of its remarkable features, the fan delivers a multitude of advantages. The foremost benefit lies in its ability to deliver a massive air flow, ensuring optimal circulation throughout the designated space.

The inclusion of a forward/reverse function allows for customizable airflow direction, catering to specific needs and preferences. Furthermore, the fan’s performance has been rigorously tested in accordance with the AMCA 230-15 standard, guaranteeing its reliability and efficiency. With its suitability for rooms larger than 1,000 m2 and spaces with ceilings exceeding 8 meters in height, it becomes the ideal choice for expansive environments. Additionally, the fan plays a pivotal role in reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions by effectively destratifying the air, resulting in improved energy efficiency and a more eco-friendly footprint. These combined advantages position the fan as an exceptional solution for commercial and industrial spaces, elevating comfort levels while minimizing environmental impact.

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