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R&d Project

Resource efficient production

Low-Energy CEMents for sustainable concrete

7. October 2014

Solution provider

Aarhus University

A top-100 research university with excellence across all major disciplines. We are committed to turn frontier research into innovative solutions.

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The world’s most durable, reliable and economical construction material
Cement, concrete and other cement-based materials are the world’s most widely used construction materials and global consumption is growing steadily. Concrete is the world’s most durable, reliable and economical construction material with an annual consumption in volume by society only surpassed by water.

No alternative
Currently, no alternatives for concrete exist which can be supplied at a sufficient scale globally. Cement is the essential “glue” in concrete with an annual world-wide production of about 3 billion tonnes. The reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions in cement production are one of the most challenging research fields within industry. Denmark has a strong focus on research and development.

Cross cutting research collaboration
The LowE-CEM project is a good example of a joint research collaboration between universities, laboratories and leading companies, aiming to achieve a significant energy and CO2 reduction associated with the production of cement materials.