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Securing wind turbines worldwide with lightning protection systems

27. December 2023

Solution provider


Polytech improves blade performance and protects wind turbine components from wear and tear. Onshore. Offshore.

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Every wind turbine is hit by lightning a minimum once a year. With lightning damage causing major operational losses worldwide, the industry needs to ensure reliable lightning protection systems (LPS) to avoid downtime, repair, and production loss. Polytech brings leading lightning expertise to the table for a durable and reliable LPS. Offshore and onshore.

Lightning protection for wind turbines is becoming more complex due to the increased use of carbon fiber in rotor blades. In addition to that, there are more and more electrical installations inside the blades, such as de-icing systems, lights, sensors and communication systems, which all intensifies lightning damage and therefore brings complexity to the lightning protection system.


Polytech offers full protection for even the most complex blades, by developing full lightning protection solutions for wind turbines. Our in-house lightning protection toolbox includes everything that goes into the development and operation of your LPS and monitoring systems, such as risk assessment, engineering, prototyping, documentation, testing, and global delivery.


Polytech’s LPS is installed in more than 110,000 blades worldwide. These blades have experienced 120,000-150,000 lightning strikes in total since 2016. Field data from these turbines proves that our LPS has a documented performance of 99.9%.