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Kalundborg Industrial Symbiosis – Surplus from circular production

29. September 2011

Solution provider

Kalundborg Municipality

The very special element for Kalundborg as a business and growth area is Kalundborg Symbiosis, a partnership between public and private companies.

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The importance of saving resources is emphasised by the scarcity of natural resources in the world today. Current and future businesses have to consider the environmental impact of producing, distributing and developing products.


Kalundborg Industrial Symbiosis facilitates the possibility for companies to cooperate and utilise each other’s residuals and byproducts. An opportunity to increase production without consuming more energy, water or natural resources

Kalundborg Symbiosis is a partnership between public and private companies in Kalundborg.
The main principle is that a waste stream in one company becomes a resource in another, benefiting both the environment and the economy.

The symbiosis creates growth in the local community and supports the green transition.

Learn more about Kalundborg Symbiosis here


Every year, the symbiosis saves the partners and the environment for:

  • 62.000 tonnes of residual materials recycled
  • 4 million m3 of groundwater by using surface water instead
  • 586.000 tonnes of CO2

80% of the CO2 emissions in the Symbiosis has been reduced since 2015. The local energy supply is now CO2-neutral.