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Water management

Kagsåen Stream, climate change adaption

20. September 2021

Solution provider

Gottlieb Paludan Architects

Great architecture evokes great passion. For us, this is the kind of architecture that contributes to solving the challenges we face today. The kind that creates sustainable development, vibrant and diverse cities, beautiful and future-proof structures as well as inviting urban spaces and landscapes for all to enjoy. Working out of our office in Copenhagen, we strive to create architecture that understands, connects and enriches the whole world. Together we create cohesion.

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Gottlieb Paludan Architects and Rambøll are responsible for adapting the landscape at Kagsåen Stream to climate change. GPA is the lead technical consultant for the landscape project.


The need to prevent flooding after torrential rain is coupled with new recreational opportunities along Kagsåen Stream in western Greater Copenhagen.


Kagsåen Stream is a multi-municipal water course on the border between Herlev and Gladsaxe municipalities. The cornerstone of the project is a master plan comprising hydraulic factors, as well as a landscape structure. The project is intended to make it easier to hold back the water, thus safeguarding residents and the business community against flooding which can harm production and operations as well as residents’ personal finances.

The project is multidimensional: an underground reservoir pipeline, a closed reservoir, as well as a landscape processing of the Kagsåen Stream trace. The subsidiary elements are inextricably linked, as none of them can solve the area’s challenges by itself.

Visualisation: Gottlieb Paludan Architects


The concept of the project is based on the urban and landscape potential of the surroundings and seeks to synergise technical needs and scenic amenity values. In doing so, the proximity of the water becomes a quality and the current “reverse” are transformed into attractive blue-green urban spaces. 

Client: Gladsaxe and Herlev Municipalities, Nordvand, HOFOR
Year: 2017
Location: Gladsaxe and Herlev, Denmark
In collaboration with: Rambøll