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IoT platform monitors indoor climate, offers insights to optimize air quality and energy efficiency

2. August 2023

Solution provider

Nordicco A/S

Our solutions help our customers improve their indoor climate, lower their energy consumption, reduce their CO2 emissions and eliminate the spread of airborne pathogens.

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Being responsible for the operation of a facility in terms of HVAC and indoor climate presents a significant challenge. It involves ensuring efficient HVAC systems, maintaining optimal indoor climate conditions, and addressing issues such as temperature, humidity, and air quality. This responsibility requires expertise in system maintenance, troubleshooting, and continuous monitoring to provide a comfortable and healthy environment for occupants while balancing energy consumption and operational costs.


Northern Sky is an IoT-based online platform designed for fan management, enabling comprehensive control and valuable insights for HVLS fans and indoor climate within a specific facility. This platform provides users with a convenient and user-friendly tool to effectively manage their operations. Whether users are physically present on-site or located miles away, they can effortlessly control and access their fans using a device in their pocket or through a screen.

One of the notable features of the system is its ability to effortlessly collect indoor climate data. It tracks parameters such as temperature, CO2 levels, and relative humidity, allowing users to monitor the optimization of their fan operations for energy efficiency. Moreover, the system identifies potential energy-saving opportunities that might be overlooked.

With Northern Sky, users gain access to both real-time and historical data, which is automatically stored in their accounts. This allows for comprehensive analysis and facilitates informed decision-making regarding fan management and energy optimization.


Take charge of your indoor climate with the Northern Sky fan management IoT platform, where you can conveniently access all your data and control options. Track temperature, CO2 levels, and relative humidity effortlessly. With the IoT module, you can operate all your fans simultaneously, regardless of their diverse locations. Stay informed about optimizing fan operations for energy efficiency and uncover potential energy-saving opportunities you may be overlooking.

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