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Improving indoor air quality and learning with energy-efficient rooflights

12. May 2023

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For more than 80 years, the VELUX Group has created better indoor environments by bringing daylight and fresh air into homes and other buildings all over the world. The VELUX Group was founded in Denmark and is today an international company with a presence in 37 countries.

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The Thomas Buxton Primary School in Whitechapel, London was facing multiple challenges. Deteriorating rooflights were leaking, disrupting lessons, and failing to meet safety standards. The old rooflights could not manage the glare and heat and the school was relying more on artificial lighting. Furthermore, worsening thermal insulation was negatively affecting learning due to poor indoor temperatures.


The main contractor, Centaur Technologies, and installer, Central Roofing collaborated on a rooflight replacement project. They installed 100 dome Rooflights and three Specialist Continuous Rooflights, improving the school’s thermal insulation and providing daylight throughout the school. The larger domes incorporated bronzed polycarbonate glazing to manage glare and heat gains. A curved polycarbonate canopy now covers the reception entrance, offering optimal daylight as students and teachers enter the school. The project also aimed to lower energy consumption, which was successfully achieved.


Students now benefit from optimal daylight in classrooms, corridors, the canteen, and kitchen, invigorating learning in a thriving primary school. The triple skin Dome Rooflights improve thermal insulation and the durability of the solutions. Interchangeable kerbs allowed a faster and simpler installation process, with the installation of all domes and Specialist Continuous Rooflights completed over a six-week period. This enabled the school to remain operational, with the added benefit of improved indoor air quality.