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Waste management

How San Francisco Reduced Overflowing Waste by 80% with Smart Sensors

23. February 2021
San Francisco

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At Nordsense, our vision is to digitize the waste and resource industry to make the world more sustainable.

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A Cleaner City with  a Data-Driven Approach to Waste Management

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In the USA, the City of San Francisco was struggling to cope with 10,000 public complaints about dirty and unsanitary streets every year and growing cleaning costs. The Department of Public Works needed a solution to address citizen complaints and provide people with a cleaner city experience.


Nordsense was brought onboard to help the city mitigate overflowing waste containers, optimize the placement of bins, and improve collection routes. Sensors were initially installed in 48 of the city’s 3,800 public street bins.


San Francisco improved cleanliness on the city’s streets and is now empowered to deploy resources more strategically. During the pilot project, the city used data to achieve:

  • 80% reduction in overflowing waste
  • 64% reduction in illegal dumping
  • 66% reduction in street cleaning requests

After the highly successful pilot project, the city agreed to extend the solution to cover 1,000 trash cans.