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How green hydrogen will fuel mobility across Scandinavia

8. August 2022
green hydrogen

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Everfuel is the new hydrogen energy company in Europe. Dedicated to commercialising green hydrogen for mobility and industry.

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Making green hydrogen production a commercially viable enterprise is undeniably important, but the value chain doesn’t stop there. Distribution and accessibility are equally critical links to realise a future with zero emission mobility. This challenges off-takers of green fuels to think intelligently about how ensure wide-spread, efficient accessibility to end-users.  The Danish green hydrogen producer, distributor, and off-taker, Everfuel, is currently taking on that challenge across Scandinavia.


As part of their Scandinavian green fuelling strategy, Everfuel is targeting to roll out up to 19 strategically positioned fuelling sites for H2 zero emission transport throughout Denmark. Green hydrogen is produced from renewable electricity and water. When hydrogen is consumed in fuel cell vehicles the only tail pipe emission is water. The process merely borrows water and enables a full utilisation of flexibly produced renewable energy (wind/solar).

The H2 fuelling stations will supply green fuel for heavy duty transport as well as taxis and cars. For example, truck fuelling stops will strategically cover main traffic corridors, and Copenhagen will have a high station density in Copenhagen to support the rapidly growing taxi fleet.

How Everfuel makes hydrogen happen

Everfuel is connecting the complete value chain to commercialize green hydrogen fuel across Europe by adding innovations and removing inefficiencies

The Danish H2 station network is part of Everfuel’s Ramp-up phase of the announced plan to invest EUR 1.5 billion in developing the green hydrogen value chain in Europe and reach EUR 1 billion of revenue from sale of hydrogen fuel to buses, trucks, and cars before 2030. Large-scale hydrogen fuelling networks are required for the EU and Denmark to meet stated climate targets.

Collaboration between ambitious partners is a key part of making the business case work both in the short term and the long term. Everfuel prioritizes close dialogue with OEMs and major customers to assist them reaching zero emission mobility targets. Likewise, close interaction with lead customers near key infrastructure hubs are essential to justify hydrogen station investments based on joint commitment and visibility.


By 2023, the fueling stations in Denmark will round out a wide-spread Scandinavian fueling network of 40-50 public hydrogen stations throughout Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. The ambition is to ensure that at least a third of the population should live within 15km of a hydrogen fueling station and trucking along selected corridors.

The fueling network which will initially cover Norway south of Trondheim, Sweden south of Stockholm and Denmark. The network supports the STRING initiative for establishing a green hydrogen corridor with refueling stations from Hamburg to Oslo.

By enabling transport in and between major cities and corridors, this solution is an important step on the way to complete the green hydrogen value chain and make it an accessible and commercially viable fuel source that can power zero-emission mobility across large territories. The project may start in Scandinavia, but the long-term ambition is to enable European-wide production, distribution and refuelling of 100% green hydrogen fuel at prices competitive to traditional gasoline and diesel by 2030.