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Grove Towers

13. October 2014

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We take an innovative approach to architecture by combining science and art with a deep understanding of people and environment. Our green innovation unit, GXN, focuses on developing sustainable building materials, technologies and practices. The result of our expertise is iconic and humane architecture featuring cutting-edge green solutions and technologies.

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An Icon for Mumbai 

On the junction between busy Bhau Tatoba Toraskar Marg and New Link Road, two clusters of slender towers rise upwards towards the sky over Mumbai.  The unique clusters with their distinctive facades of softly shaped sun visors and green vertical gardens are destined to be the new iconic landmark in Andheri and throughout Mumbai.

A Grove of slender trees which seemingly braid together

3XN’s design is inspired by nature, specifically Mumbai’s mangroves. Just as clusters of mangrove trunks seemingly braid together at the base, the two towers in this mixed use development converge at the lower retail floors. The building rises up to provide amenity spaces on the terraced podium, including club house, gym and pool; to finally grow into the sky as a cluster of slender trees, each individual stem ending in a crown at different heights. The residential units are thoughtfully laid out featuring views in at least two directions, most of which look out towards the mangroves to the North, and Indian Ocean to the West.

Sustainability throughout the design

The façade design shifts on each corner from horizontal ‘leaf-shaped’ solar canopies to deep vertical fins which significantly reduces direct solar radiation. The numerous corners additionally provide the possibility of natural cross ventilation reducing the need for air conditioning on a daily basis, thus the project aims for LEED Gold certification. With over 2,500m² of vertical gardens at the building podium, the building lowers CO2 in Mumbai’s humid and congested environment, cleaning the air around it.