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Green Heating In Hanstholm

9. October 2015

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Thisted Municipality
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On September 19th 2015, Hanstholm District Heating Plant fired up their new wood chip fired boiler which will replace the use of bio-fuel. Heating is now primarily produced from wood chips, from industrial surplus heat from the fishmeal industry, and from an electric boiler powered by wind turbines. Only during peak times the natural gas boilers and engines are in use.

Hanstholm DHP was founded in 1965 and a lot has happened since. The establishing of a CHP plant in 1994 made it possible to produce both heating and power. Over the years, investments in a variety of production facilities have assured an environmentally friendly, carbon neutral and cost efficient heat and power production with a high security of supply level.

The plant distributes heating to the villages of Hanstholm and Ræhr. The power is procured by Thy-Mors Energy Utility. Most of the wood chips for the wood chip fired boiler is locally produced and Hanstholm Fishmeal Industry delivers industrial surplus heat to the district heating production. This is a really good story about a really good local teamwork which is a characteristic for the region of Thy.

The overall positive effects of the project are many, including a reduction of heating costs as well as the environmental bonus of a production facility with newer and cleaner technology.

A Positive Effect on the Carbon Footprint of Thisted Municipality
Projects like these have a positive effect on the carbon footprint total of Thisted Municipality as well as backing settlement in the northern part of the district. Low heating costs and environmentally friendly production methods are important factors for people looking for a place to live.

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