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Giant wind turbine blade captures more energy from the wind

13. June 2017

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LM Wind Power

Blades for wind turbines of the future

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Offshore wind energy is envisioned to play a significant role in the delivery of clean, renewable energy in the future and the cost is constantly reduced.

Offshore wind projects coming online today are already delivering power at almost half the price of those finished in 2012 due to increased competition and larger turbines and components. A good example of that is the 88.4 metre blade for offshore application, introduced by LM Wind Power in June 2016.

The giant blade is based on a newly developed carbon-glass hybrid technology and has been designed, manufactured and tested to last for 25 years of life offshore, in the harshest weather conditions and roughest seas. One wind turbine with 88.4 metres blades can generate enough electricity to power 10,000 European homes.


Length: 88.4 metres

• Weight: 34 tons

• Tip speed: 300 km/h

• Manufactured by LM Wind Power in Lunderskov, Denmark in June 2016.