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Energy Point Frøstrup – Local and Renewable Energy

11. February 2016

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Thisted Municipality
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The Energy Point Frøstrup demonstration house was inaugurated on February 21, 2015 by Mayor Lene Kjelgaard, declaring it ready to demonstrate new renewable energy technology to private households.

Energy Point Frøstrup was made possible with money from the municipality of Thisted, Region Nord and LAG Thy-Mors and has been established in cooperation with the local citizen association Hannik in Frøstrup. Treasurer of Hannik, Morten Thomsen, is coordinator of the Energy Point Frøstrup, and explains the purpose:

- There are several objectives to our Energy Point. First of all, it must give the general public an insight into the possibilities of green energy in their homes. Secondly, it demonstrates cutting edge technology and provides installers the opportunity to get an experience with the technology, he says.

Energy Point Frøstrup has a permanent exhibition with different heat pumps. Outside, 2 km of geothermal hoses are buried. Additionally, visitors can get an overview of Thisted Municipality’s climate initiatives in the past several years.

Morten Thomsen explains that the work on Energy Point Frøstrup is not over. Right now, a new type of roof based wind turbine lying flat along the ridge is under development. The other exhibited energy technologies in the demonstration house are also at the forefront of development. So much that the inverter to feed power into the network was only fully developed during Christmas 2015.

New ways of cooperation
Morten Thomsen explains that the exhibited energy technologies is just part of the total package. To him, it is also very interesting to see Energy Point Frøstrup as a new development in a public-private cooperation. Without financial support from the municipality of Thisted, the Energy Point would never have been created.

- I see cooperation as a new form of social contract, where the public is more responsible citizens. The community must then work to fulfill that responsibility, explains Morten.

According to Morten, a collaboration between local government, citizens and commercial enterprises is even more relevant when dealing with climate technology. All parties have a common interest in lifting the challenge of climate change and the Energy Point gives an idea of ​​how this can be tackled.