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Energy-efficient window solutions creates sustainable homes

12. May 2023

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For more than 80 years, the VELUX Group has created better indoor environments by bringing daylight and fresh air into homes and other buildings all over the world. The VELUX Group was founded in Denmark and is today an international company with a presence in 37 countries.

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The owners of a newly-constructed house in Wroclaw, Poland, bought a plot of land adjacent to a large park area near the Grabiszyński Park. The house is perfectly located among lush natural scenery, but yet a demanding plot of land in terms of constructing a house.

The plot presented a number of challenges for building a house, such as small area, location in the second line of buildings, and the need to complete more formalities than usual in this type of construction projects.


About the project

Design studio: Wytwórnia Pracownia Projektowa,

Design authors: Patrycja Zarzycka, Piotr Zarzycki

Photos: Maciej Lulko,

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The architects from the local Polish design studio Wytwórnia Pracownia Projektowa created a solution that allowed the plot’s advantages to be fully exploited while minimising its limitations. The house was designed to use daylight as its starting point and included a strip of glass along the centre of the building to allow warm light to enter the living area while maintaining privacy.

Eight electrically-operated VELUX GGL roof windows and seven VELUX VFE elbow windows were used in the glazed strip to ensure maximum illumination of the interior and bring in daylight from the south and west. In total, 15 VELUX solutions were used in the building, including VELUX electric blackout blinds and VELUX solar blackout blinds.


The VELUX solutions allowed the investors to control the amount of incoming light and protect the interior from overheating. The VELUX electrical control system was integrated with smart home systems, making it possible to program the blinds to go up in the morning at sunrise and down in the evening at sunset. The implementation of roof windows above the staircase also provided light on the ground floor and made it possible to efficiently ventilate the interior using the so-called ‘chimney effect’.

Thanks to these solutions, the house is filled with light and has low energy consumption, while also providing beautiful views of the park.