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Air pollution

Air pollution from industry production

Reducing NOx emissions in cement production

5. March 2021

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While CO2 emissions from cement production are a global challenge, NOx emissions are more of a local and regional challenge. NOx-related issues, such as smog pollution, have a direct impact on public health for communities near cement facilities. Cement producers around the world are aiming to lower their NOx emissions as local authorities are tightening health and environmental regulations.


FLSmidth focus on research and development efforts in collaboration with customers to find solutions to reduce NOx emissions. These efforts have resulted in a new calciner (FLSmidth® InLine Low NOx Calciner) in which mixing of fuel and kiln gas is more effective. This improves ignition, combustion and NOx reduction. Further, this calciner requires less ammonia injection or even makes it unnecessary. To test and evaluate the performance of the new calciner, FLSmidth collaborated with a cement producer in Southeast Europe.


As a result, the plant has measured a significant decrease in NOx emissions as low as 60 per cent below previously guaranteed levels. The technology is now being deployed globally.