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Carbon capture, storage and utilisation

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E-fuel for the shipping industry of tomorrow

12. January 2024

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European Energy

European Energy is a global renewable energy developer of wind, solar and Power-to-X projects.

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Approximately 90 percent of all commercial goods are shipped by the sea, and maritime transport is projected to grow. The International Maritime Organisation took an important step by committing to new greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets and are planning to develop and adopt measures by 2025 to meet these targets. Concurrently, the EU is ensuring that maritime transport contributes to achieving climate neutrality in Europe by 2050. From 2024, the EU’s Emissions Trading System will expand to include CO2 emissions from all large ships (5,000 gross tonnage and above) entering EU ports, irrespective of their flag.


In 2024 European energy will start the supply of green e-methanol to Maersk, shipping global leader. This green fuel will be produced at the world’s largest e-methanol facility, which is developed and constructed by European Energy and powered by its 300 MW solar park; the largest in Northern Europe.


European Energy will utilize electricity from the solar park to produce green hydrogen and e-methanol through the so-called Power-to-X process. This initiative offers significant decarbonization potential for heavy emitters. Moreover, surplus heat from hydrogen production will support district heating, providing warmth for over 2,000 neighboring households. For e-methanol production, European Energy will use captured biogenic CO2. Hence, when e-methanol combusts, no new CO2 is released—only the returned biogenic CO2. This cycle mirrors the carbon cycle of life on Earth and is considered carbon neutral in the long run.