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Digitalization of water utility in five hours

7. February 2023

Solution provider

Lyninco ApS

Smart Water Management engineering consulting and service provider (data-as-a-service) implementing Smart Water solutions for cities, river managers, hydropower, ports, authorities, and private companies with focus on South Asia and India.

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Water management and operation and maintenance of water systems requires experiences and competencies of people (operators) which are not always or everywhere available at the various sites inside the water utilities to take decisions or switch on/of controls like pumps, valves, gates etc.

Data-driven services using sensors, dashboards and automatic controls are therefore often introduced to mitigate such gaps. However, as such SCADA and IT systems require yet another layer of competencies, many utilities refrain from introducing this (digitalization of the utility), as they may not have experience or competencies in operating such systems.


DRYP is a Data-As-A-Service product which comes with a ready-made configurated cloud service with standard dashboard and standard IoT water level sensors to be deployed in the field. No IT or SCADA expertise is needed.

The subscription-based service has in-built quality control systems and artificial intelligence algorithms. With a start-up package, user-ID and password, the utility managers or operators can start using own live data within half a day for better operating their systems within the utility. Due to its open data systems, the DRYP is fully compatible with other existing or future IT and SCADA systems within the utility.


One of the largest utilities in Denmark, Aarhus Water, uses DRYP to gather live data and supplement existing SCADA. Through onboarding projects with local consultants, the use-cases are demonstrated such as 20% reduction of maintenance costs, 8% reduction of new construction costs, preservation of water resources for sustainable long-term operations.

Should sudden needs arise, Aarhus Water is able to deploy a lot of extra low-cost DRYP IOT sensors and immediately gain value from these, and then only gradually embed them into their existing SCADA and IT systems.