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Learning and creating sustainable design processes

6. September 2017

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arki_lab is a young, Copenhagen-based urban design studio that was founded upon the strong ideological principle of getting closer to people through our efforts to create better cities.

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The objective of the project was to activate an underutilized space by designing and building an outdoor workshop in collaboration with the students and teachers at Gadehaveskolen.

The workshop is an extension of the existing indoor workshop spaces that are used for crafts and design courses as well as a bike repair shop. The project engages not only the school district, but also aims to connect the school to it's surrounding community by revitalizing the vacant space for locals to utilize as well as the students and teachers.  The vision is to let the workshop spaces function as a catalyst for inter-generational collaboration and hence create a vibrant space both during and after school hours.

Students (4th and 5th grade) identified and analyzed the vacant area, developing various design proposals for the new outdoor workshop. In order to connect the outdoor space to the existing interior workshops, the pupils conducted interviews with different stakeholders, strengthening the students communication skills, critical thinking abilities and empathy.

Sustainability was an overall goal throughout the design and build process. Involving the students in the process created civic ownership, ensuring social sustainability. Furthermore the entire design was constructed out of recycled material, which provided the students with insight on various sustainable processes. Junckers supplied 1.5 cubic meter used oakwood flooring and Egerbyg donated second hand reclaimed wood. Yellow poles were taken down from around the school and repurposed as bike racks within the outdoor workshop space.

The final design product consisted of six islands with divers furniture, constructed out of recycled matierial, that could accommodate numerous different activities. The space was inaugurated with a big opening, where the whole school and local area were invited.