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Green hydrogen

Decouple energy production from consumption

17. March 2023
Foto credit: Everfuel

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Everfuel is the new hydrogen energy company in Europe. Dedicated to commercialising green hydrogen for mobility and industry.

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Renewable energy is a fluctuating energy source and using it for a reliable green hydrogen production requires a flexible setup. The Danish hydrogen plant, HySynergy, aims to demonstrate how renewable energy sources can be converted and stored effectively to decouple the energy production from consumption.


While the primary purpose of the plant is to supply competitive green hydrogen to the heavy transportation sector, the plant will also create links to other industries to obtain sector integration. An example of this is an agreement with the local district heating company to supply heat from the hydrogen production to the local district heating network.


The capacity of the plant is currently 20 MW. Towards 2025, the capacity will be increased to 300 MW and in 2030 it will reach its full capacity of 1 GW. With both production and storage capacity, HySynergy, will demonstrate the versatility of hydrogen and its ability to balance the energy system in the event of fluctuations in renewable energy production.



Crossbridge Energy, Aktive Energi Anlæg (AEA), Trefor Elnet, Energinet, TVIS, EWII, Danfoss


Foto credit: Everfuel