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Energy efficiency in industry

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Danish experience contributes to significant energy reductions in the Ukrainian industry

6. January 2021

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Danish Energy Agency

The Danish Energy Agency engages nationally and internationally in the production, supply and consumption of energy - with efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

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Denmark and Ukraine have established a government-to-government cooperation which aims to ensure solutions for an independent and more sustainable energy sector in Ukraine. The Danish Energy Agency has supported the Ukrainian State Agency’s ambitions as regards energy efficiency and energy savings by designing a mechanism for industrial energy efficiency based on Danish experiences with Voluntary Agreements. Through the scheme, businesses will gain access to financing on attractive terms and partial investment support in exchange for saving energy. In the intergovernmental cooperation, new initiatives within energy efficiency in industry can, when implemented, reduce CO2 emissions in Ukraine by at least 9 to 12 million tonnes of CO₂ over five years. This is equivalent to about one-third of the annual Danish CO₂ emissions from energy consumption.

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