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Copenhagen Connecting: Driving Data to Quality Service – to the Benefit of Citizens and Businesses

6. October 2014

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City of Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen is a world leader in green growth and well on its way to become carbon neutral by 2025.

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Keen to promote growth, quality of life and sustainability, Copenhagen boosts innovative business and action across sectors through a game changing data-approach. Combining technologies in new ways, it leverages efforts to create a more resource-efficient city with citizens and businesses in key roles.

Turning challenges into opportunities
How to ensure city services, life quality and a stimulating business environment, while the population will be growing by 20% in the next decade? This is the challenge, Copenhagen is facing: The city is growing, the scale of challenges too. This calls for new solutions.

Data a game-changer
Copenhagen wants to leverage efforts across sectors and launched a new approach to data. Driven by the perspective of socio-economic gains, totaling up to a yearly €590 mio, the City’s new approach is a game-changing factor for the quality of services, and for the impact of new initiatives.

Use data to create integrated and intelligent solutions
Through a truly integrated approach linking visions (e.g. for Copenhagen to become the first CO2-neutral capital by 2025), action plans and technologies together, the City launched ‘Copenhagen Connecting’ (CC) to deliver better and faster on goals through intelligent use of data. The concept is scalable and replicable, and designed to avoid vendor lock-in. Key benefits include: Better use of resources, reliable and cost-efficient services that meet the needs of citizens, involve business and open new business opportunities.

First of its kind digital infrastructure
Using known technology in new ways Copenhagen Connecting offers a first-of-kind digital infrastructure. It will allow for, e.g. water, energy and CO2 savings, optimized fleets and traffic flows, crowd control, and low-cost tracking of bikes to reduce theft-rates. Copenhagen Connecting promotes an integrated use of technologies and services that promises user-friendly solutions, e.g., presents citizens with one single interface for resource management across utilities, from water to electricity and heat and with consumption on demand. Copenhagen Connecting pools data from a range of systems and sources to allow for new, cross-cutting analyses and services that target end-user needs better or more timely – e.g. to contain risks from storms and cloudbursts, or to reap energy efficiency gains at scale and speed through bundled efforts and business investments.

Copenhagen Solutions Lab
A public tender will result in the first commercially sustainable data-hub, independent of public subsidies across sectors. Combining both public and qualified private data, a key feature is that the hub will allow for new business opportunities, enabling entire value-chains in an eco-system of data to the benefit of citizens and city life in conjunction with the initiation of Copenhagen Solutions Lab.

Formula for a better city
The integrated approach will improve city services, ensure quality of life, and create growth opportunities. It’s the Copenhagen formula for a better city.